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Our Executive Search Process

Clarification of the Requirements Stage

Once we have reached an agreement of the terms and conditions of the Executive Search scheme, we will start the process of obtaining the requirements of the assignment. This entails the vision, mission, values and corporate culture of your company, the detailed job specifications and challenges of the assignment, the range of financial rewards of the position and your expectations of the candidate in short- and long-term contributions to your company. Upon fully understanding the said requirements, we will share our experience, update you as to present market situation and fine-tune your requirements with our mutual agreement with a view to practically finding the ideal candidate. Mutual understanding and agreement is a very critical element to generate a successful job matching.

Research and Evaluation Stage

We will formulate our search strategy and conduct a thorough analysis of the candidate through our extensive data base and connections, the referrals of our industrial networks, head-hunting of the right targets and checking the intelligence of the relevant electronic media and computer technologies.

Candidates Interaction Stage

We will approach the potential candidates and start the interviews. We will not only evaluate the right skills and knowledge of the candidates, but we will also make sure that the candidates possess the right attitude and chemistry to fit your organization. Thereafter, a list of potential candidates will be generated.

Selection of the Candidates Stage

We will discuss the list of our potential candidates with you and decide which candidates you would like to meet. Then, we will arrange interviews for you at your earliest convenience. Having gone through the interview stage, we will closely work with you, obtain your feedbacks and prioritize candidates for the assignment. Reference checking can be done by us if necessary.

Closing Stage

Acting as the agent of your company, we will approach your most desired candidate and start the job negotiation. At this stage, the candidate may have their own expectations on the financial reward, title and other requirements. We will work with you and try to formulate an ultimate offer which can be accepted by you and the candidate. It is part of our services to bring your offering letter for the candidate to sign. After the closing, we will closely monitor the case and try to ensure that the candidate will work with you at the target working date smoothly.

Long Term Relationship Stage

It is our practice and desire to build up a long term relationship with you. We will not only serve you if there are new assignments, we will also update you the market situations in which you may be interested. For example, we may introduce you a company which can be your business partner for mutual benefits.

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